The Most Exciting Police Cars in the World

There are a lot of people who love police cars however many find them to be a little bit dull. There are however some police cars out there that are quite exciting. For the most part these cars are not in widespread use but have been added to the fleet in order to fill a specific task.

By far the most exciting police cars in the world is the Lamborghini Gallardo, although admittedly they are not used for standard policing duties. The company donated a couple of them to the London police and to the Italian police and they are used as police cars but given the very small number of them you are not likely to see them out patrolling the streets. For the most part they are used for public relations purposes.

italian police car lamborghini Gallardo The most exciting police cars that are in widespread use are probably the Alfa Romeo 159's that are the standard police cruiser throughout most of Italy. The reason that they are used is that the police need a high performance vehicle that is capable and of handling the twisting roads that exist throughout much of Italy. Combined with the fact that politically it was necessary to choose an Italian made car and the result is that you have police officers all over Italy driving around in Alfa Romeo's

The German's have some pretty exciting police cars as well, again in large part due to the need to use cars that are made in the country. Cars from Mercedes Benz and BMW are widely used but the most exciting of all of them are the Porsche 911's that are used to patrol the highways. This is due to the need to have cars that are capable of reaching the high speeds that are often achieved in German highways.

In the West Midlands region of England they have added a Lotus Evora to their fleet of police cars in an attempt to catch highway speeders. Again this down to the fact that the standard police car is simply not fast enough to catch the top modern sports cars so the only thing to do is to add cars that are fast enough. In this case they have only added one to their fleet so it would be fair to say that this is more of a publicity tactic than anything else. Nevertheless it is a very cool police car.

There are lots of other very exciting police cars out there as departments are becoming more aware of the need to diversify their fleets. They do this because a car that is ideal for patrolling a large inner city neighbourhood is not well suited to patrolling the highway for example. As a result we are likely going to see more and more different types of police cars make an appearance.

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