The Most Popular Police Cars in the USA Today

A police car is pretty easy to recognize because of the way that they are painted. However it is also fairly easy to spot an unmarked police car as well because they are so distinctive. The reason is that most police departments use the same type of car for their police departments and it is not one that is widely used for other purposes.

By far the most popular police car in the USA today is the Ford Crown Victoria, the main reason for this is that it is one of the few options available that meets most police departments needs. Historically police cars have been selected from the lowest cost full size cars that were available, usually these cars were then modified for police duties. For many years the two most common options in this area where the Crown Victoria and the Chevrolet Caprice. However in 1996 Chevy stopped making the Caprice and Ford came to dominate the police car market.

The Popular Caprice Cop Car...

One of the main reasons that the Crown Victoria is so widely used as a police car is that it is one of the few options available that actually meets the needs of most departments. It is widely agreed that the best choice for a police car is a rear wheel drive V8 since this is best option for the way that police are taught to drive in pursuits. They are also cheaper to maintain than other cars. The problem is that these days not a lot of companies make rear wheel drive V8's anymore which means that options for police cars are getting quite limited.

In fact it seems that Ford are no longer going to offer the Crown Victoria as a police car any more either. For a few years now they have been trying to get police departments to switch over and use the Taurus. While some departments have done is most have resisted the change because of the fact that the Taurus is a front wheel drive V6, not really what they are looking for in a police car. Nevertheless Ford have made the decision to stop offering the Crown Victoria so police departments are going to have to find other options.

The other common option that is widely used by police departments these days is the Chevrolet Impala which has the same issues with it as the Taurus. There is a feeling that the best option available now that the Crown Victoria is no longer available is the Dodge Charger. The main reason for that is that it is the only rear wheel drive V8 full size vehicle that is currently available. A few police departments have started to use it and you can be reasonably sure that more will follow suit as they find it necessary to replace their current fleet.

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