Some Great Movies Starring... Police Cars!

Police cars have looked different over the years. Thanks to the improvement of cars, police cars have needed an upgrade to keep up with the better and faster cars that people are using these days. Police cars are very important in helping to keep people safe because it helps catch the bad guys. The movies are one of the best places to see police cars in action and here are some of the movies where we see the finest police cars.

One of the biggest movies that have featured police cars is The Dark Knight Rises. It is the last installment of Christopher Nolan's Batman and there was a scene where Batman was being chased by the entire Gotham city's police force. In this movie, we see Ford cars painted as Gotham Police District police cars. The cars have a blue body with a white roof with the logo on the backseat door. A lot of police cars were used in the movie and there were even armored trucks involved in some scenes also. In some scenes, bigger police vehicles were being used like trucks. The movie showed the capability of Gotham's police force which was very entertaining to watch.

The Amazing Spiderman is one of the latest movies to come out from comic books this year. The movie is a remake of the previous Spiderman movie and a lot of people liked this version better. In this movie, there is a scene where the police force does not like what Spiderman is doing so they plan to arrest him. There is a very fun chase scene in this movie but the police could not do much because Spiderman could easily climb buildings. The cars used were designed to look exactly like what the New York Police District uses.

In the movie Gone in Sixty Seconds, there was a scene where police cars were chasing Nicolas Cage using a high-powered car. This scene was very entertaining because it showed that police cars can go head to head in terms of speed with a nice car. The police cars had a black painted hood and truck with a white body.

Bad Boys is another movie with an awesome car scene. The movie starred Will Smith and police cars were seen in most of the movie. There were many different cars that the police used because there were some parts of the movie where some officers went undercover.

One of the biggest movie franchises that featured police cars is the Fast and the Furious. These movies, from the first one to the last, had police car scenes. The cars used in these movies varied from each movie but just like how the cars of the main characters were altered to be much faster, the police cars were also improved. This is one movie where the police cars look like sports cars. The police cars in these movies run really fast and were designed really well. The police cars had a black and white color with the signature red and blue lights on top.

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