What Makes a Car a Good Police Car?

A police car is something that you see on the street all the time these days and most of us just take them for granted. In reality the police car is a very high performance vehicle that is specially designed for a very demanding job. It is interesting to look at what goes into a police car and what features make a good one.

Here's what the Top Gear guys think makes a good cop car...

The biggest thing that a good police car needs is speed, the car has to be able to keep up with most cars on the road in the event of a pursuit. As a result most police cars have more powerful engines installed in them than the stock version of the car would have. In addition due to the need to corner at high speeds the suspension is usually upgraded as well. This allows the card to manoeuvre through traffic better than it would otherwise be possible for it to do.

Most police cars these days also have their electrical systems upgraded in order to handle the demands that are placed on it by all of the equipment that modern police offers use. Between radios, computers, GPS systems and the whole host of other things that you will find in the modern police car it is more than your average car can handle. Therefore this upgrade is a pretty important aspect of the modern police cars.

A good police car also needs to be very durable, they are driven a lot and often very hard. The car not only needs to be able to withstand car chases and the collisions that those often result in but it also has to be up to the rigours of a lot of stop start city driving. This puts a lot of strain on the car so it is necessary to make sure that it is up to handling it. In addition police cars will spend a lot of time idling as police offers often have to stop during their patrols. As a result most police cars have upgraded cooling systems to allow them to handle this better.

A police car also needs to have a fair amount of space, the modern police officer has a lot of equipment that he has to carry with him and his car needs to have room for it all. Most police cars will be full size vehicles with large trunks to allow for this. In addition it is also necessary to have a large back seat so that they can carry prisoners when they make arrests. Since the number of full size cars that can also provide the kind of high performance driving that the police need is quite limited most police forces find that they can't use cars that are sold to the public. Therefore most manufacturers offer a version of one of their vehicles that is intended specifically for the police.

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