Why I Love Cop Cars

If you are looking for a good quality used car one of the best options that you will find is a police car. They are routinely sold off and I for one love them. There are no other cars on the road like a police car. They are well worth considering if you are thinking about a used car.

The main reason that I love cop cars is that they are able to do things that you wouldn't be able to do with a regular car. These days almost all cop cars have bigger more powerful engines than you would be able to get in a standard model which makes them much faster than your regular car. love police cars Even better though is the experiencing of actually driving them, they are much more fun to drive than almost any other car that you are going to find on the road.

The reason that cop cars are so much fun to drive is that are rear wheel drives with big engines in them. These days finding a car like that is nearly impossible. Cars with front wheel drive may be safer and easier to drive but they are nowhere near as much fun as a rear wheel drive car, especially one with a big engine. The reason that these cars are like that is the police are taught to drive a certain way when they are in pursuit and that requires them to have a car that is rear wheel drive. If you know how to drive them a police car can be a lot of fun.

Cop cars are also great because of their size, they are a full size car in an era when most of what is available on the market is much smaller. Not only do they have big back seats but they also have large trunks which are great if you need to carry a lot of stuff. Even better most police cars are designed specifically to be more durable than a regular car so you should be able to get a lot of use out of it with a minimum amount of maintenance.

You can't buy a new police car for yourself straight from the manufacturers but you can get them from the police forces themselves. They routinely bring in new cars and sell off the old ones which can be a great deal if you are looking for a car. Not only are they great for driving but they are almost always well maintained. Obviously the police equipment like sirens will be removed and the car will be painted to remove the police markings so you can't trick people into thinking that you are driving a cop car. It is well worth looking into whether or not the police force in your area sells its surplus cars to the public.

More information about cop cars and police vehicles in general can be found on CopCarLand.com, probably the awesomest cop car blog in the world!

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